Pronunciation: EE-than
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning of name: Enduring, strong

The Story Behind This Baby Name

Ethan was the name of several minor Old Testament Israelite characters briefly mentioned in various genealogies:

  • a great-grandson of Jacob, grandson of Judah, father of Azariah
  • a Kohathite descendant of Levi
  • a Merarite son of Kushaiah, descendant of Levi

The most notable of the brief mentions is “Ethan, the Ezrahite,” son of Kushaiah. When the Bible describes the wisdom of Solomon, it says he was wiser than all men, even Ethan the Ezrahite. This Ethan was a singer at King David’s court well known for his wisdom. Also, Ethan the Ezrahite is credited as the author of Psalm 89!

Scriptures for the Bible Stories of the Boy Name Ethan

Variations of the baby name Ethan

Boy names: Eitan
Girl names: None

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35 thoughts on “Ethan

  1. We selected this name for our son before he was born, and before we knew he has Down syndrome and many medical issues. We didn’t realize at the time God led us to this name to give us faith and remind us daily of his strength and determination!

  2. Little did we know the powerful meaning of Ethan. We gave our son Ethan before he was born. His mum stayed in labor for 38 hours and her first pregnancy. The baby became stressed and the mother too. Ended up c. Section. The baby cried only once and endured a lot medication for two weeks in the hospital. He is now doing great n cries. To God be the glory. Born on 15/10/2011.

  3. Thank u so much! Through your help we made a good choice of the name “ETHAN”, he was born on 24th July this year from Dr Ambrosoli memorial Hospital Kalongo, the mother is Babra Aceng, we shall always feel strong & enduring! May GOD bless u!

  4. am going to name my brothers son Ethan as l was pointed to look for the name and l feel proud for it thanks!

  5. Thank u for helping me get such a wonderful name for my son (Ethan). He was born on 25th december this year. May God richly bless u.

  6. After 7years of waiting God showed us mercy and gave my family a boy. I was inspired by psalm 89 to name him Ethan. To make it more beautiful I added my native name to make it Ethan-Ekpenyong. The name has a strong meaning.

  7. Hi thanks for the meaning of the name Ethan,we named our son Ethan,and he truely has the traits and characters of this name.he is making two in march and such a lovely, strong, brilliant boy.we love him alot coz he endures lots of time.
    God bless u all.
    Charity becky

  8. My husband and I named our son “Ethan” and before we did, the meaning struct us because it was what we were looking for. I love the name and I am glad that I have my own, strong and firm Ethan. Thank you.

  9. You can’t imagine what great thought I and my spouse went through looking for our first son’s name, after all kinds of surggestions than it dawn on me that “Ethan” is perfect to remind us how strong and enduring we all need to be. He was surley a wise man.

  10. thanks. my first son was named ethan. strong boy. bse when her mother was pregnant i used to encourage her to be strong for success. and god made on 14/6/16 at 12:00am wz blessing of ethan. thanks be the lord.

  11. My son’s middle name is Ethan, I named him Ethan for the fact that he was premature and I wasn’t 100% sure he was going to make it. The name Ethan means strong warrior.

  12. I was selected to find my sister’s first born son’s name, and I found the name Ethan worth him. Thanks be to God.

  13. Thanks for the historic background of Ethan. I named my first child “Ethan”. Born on 27th April,2018

  14. I am going name my second born – Ethan because the name is lovely and has great meaning. God bless you.

  15. I and my wife have agreed to mane our send baby boy Ethan because it is a great name. He will be born next year February. Thank you for the great job.

  16. I am naming my first child today Ethan. I decided to look online today again and found this write up about the name. He was born through CS as labour refused to progress. Four days later he was said to have jaundice and we are still in hospital as at date. He is exhibit all the meaning of Ethan. Thanks for the post.

  17. My son name is Ethan and d name was given to by God through dream wen my pregnancy was three months old as at 3 march 2015. So my son’s name was a revelation to me .

  18. When we were about to give birth to our first born, my wife asked me the name we shall give to our son and I said Ethan, and she was surprised because she had thought about it even before. Glad to be the father of Ethan. Stay strong my son!

  19. Please what about a combination of names as Asaph Ethan . Can you give me the biblical analysis of the names.

  20. My son, a Spec Ops Warrior, holds true to his name.
    I pray the Lord’s protection and wisdom over Ethan daily.

  21. Ethan was suggested to my by a trusted sister and friend when i was praying for a name for my first male child.
    Scrolling through all the write ups, I’m convinced My third born and first male deserves such character traits.
    He shall truly be named Ethan.
    I’m glad and happy to be a proud father of Ethan in my generation.

  22. Awwwwwww, am super proud to name my son Ethan, I really don’t know the meaning of the name but I love the name right from when I was single but when I got married and was pregnant and discovered it was a boy I started calling him Ethan and it was then I checked for the meaning and I was glad with the meaning. I gave birth to my son April this year

  23. My son is called ethan .I wanted to know details about the name that’s why I searched on this platform thanks so much for everything I found out here

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