Name pronunciation: KAY-nuh
Origin of name: Hebrew, Greek
Meaning of name: Place of reeds

The Story Behind This Biblical Christian Baby Name

The name Cana was primarily a name of places (not people) in the Bible. Kanah (English version of the Hebrew word) was a river and a village referenced in the book of Joshua, part of the “Promised Land” inheritance of the Israelites. Cana (English version of the Greek word) was a village in Galilee mentioned in Jesus’ time.

The most exciting thing we found about this name is that the village Cana was the location of Jesus’ first miracle. Jesus and his disciples and his mother Mary were all attending this wedding feast, and during the celebration, a wedding disaster took place: the host ran out of wine!

At the prompting of his mother, Jesus took care of this, commanding servants to fill great ceremonial washing jars full of water and then to start serving it to the guests. To their surprise, they found the water had become wine — and wine of a quality so remarkable that the master of ceremonies of the wedding told the bridegroom, “You’ve saved the best for last!”

So, although the meaning of this name (“place of reeds”) might seem mundane, the story behind it is fantastic. Cana is the place where miracles begin, the place of the first miracle of many, a place of celebration and joy. A place of the first unveiling of Christ’s glory. The place Jesus’ disciples first believed in his divine origin.

Scriptures for the Bible Stories of the Girl Name Cana

Old Testament references: Joshua 16:8, 17:9, 19:28

New Testament references: John 2 (the story of Jesus’ first miracle), 4:46, 21:2

Variations of the Baby Name Cana

Girl names: Cana, Kanah, Kayna
Boy names: Cana, Kanah

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  1. Neither Charnè nor Devonè appear in the Bible, at least not in the English / Hebrew / Greek versions I searched.

    Devon is a county in England, and naming babies after places is pretty popular (China, River, etc). It’s a good guess that Devonè could be rooted in Devon.

    I hope you find your answers!

  2. my name is Cana, and I’ve never met another person named Cana. I absolutely hate my name

  3. My name is Cana! I love my name, and I’ve never ever met someone with the same name. Cool to see that others have it too!

  4. That’s my name! I always thought my mom was just high when she named me but nope.

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