Name pronunciation: prih-SIL-ah
Origin of name: Latin
Meaning of name: Ancient

The Story Behind This Biblical Christian Name

The Bible mentions one Priscilla, in the New Testament. Priscilla was a Christian woman living in the time after Jesus left his disciples in charge of spreading the gospel.

Priscilla and her husband lived in Italy, leaving when Roman Emperor Claudius commanded that all Jews must leave Rome. They moved to Corinth, where the apostle and early church leader Paul met them. The early church leaders traveled a lot to carry the news of Jesus’ life story and God’s redemptive plan for mankind, and many of them were financially supported by donations or help from other church members. Paul was on one of these journeys, coming from Athens, when he met Priscilla and her husband, Aquila.

They were tent makers by trade, and so was the apostle Paul. Priscilla and Aquila opened their home to Paul, and he stayed with them, likely the whole year-and-a-half that he was in Corinth that time. Not only did he stay with them, but they all three worked together at tent-making.

Then, when Paul left Corinth and sailed for Syria, Priscilla and her husband went with him! When he was ready to leave Ephesus, they decided to stay and asked Paul to stay with them. He was determined to continue his journey, but hoped to return to see this wonderfully hospitable couple again. Paul did return again, and wrote the book of 1 Corinthians from there.

It would seem from the biblical account that they were good hosts, good business partners and a blessing to this man of God. Paul spoke highly of them, calling them both “fellow worker in Christ Jesus” and saying that they even “risked their own necks” for his life.

Priscilla and her husband hosted a church in their house. And when an eager Christian Jew named Apollos came into town and needed someone to teach him “the way of God more accurately”, they invited him to their home and explained things. This man Apollos became very influential, mentioned by Paul later (1 Corinthians 1:11-13 and chapters 3-4). So Priscilla was even a good Bible teacher.

The life of this woman of God is briefly mentioned and yet what is said reflects a life well lived in the service of God, working with her husband, teaching the Bible to others, hosting a house church and inviting missionaries to stay in her home, and boldly living her faith in spite of the persecution faced by all in the early Christian church.

Scriptures for the Bible Stories of the Girl Name Priscilla

Variations of the Baby Name Priscilla

Girl names: Prisca, Silla, Prissy
Boy names: Priscus

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22 thoughts on “Priscilla

  1. It’s me again.I thought I would tell you about the boys name Adin,that is the way Aden is spelled in the Bible.

  2. Thanks, Maria! Good tip. I looked it up, and it means “soft, delicate” in Hebrew.

    Of course, they would pronounce it more like “Ah-DEEN”, not like “AY-din”, the way we might say that spelling.

  3. My little miracle is named Adin. I love explaining that I named him that because it is Hebrew for gentle. He is my little gentle giant.

  4. Priscilla is is such a brave and a cleaver woman, a God gifted and a tallented Angel to the whole world. I Love my name.

  5. People mock the meaning of our name. but we know we are brave.I LOVE MY NAME LIKE THAT.

  6. 7 years ago, I create my fake name as Priscilla. Not knowing that it is Christian’s name and I’m not baptis yet at that time. Years passed, and I’ll be baptis in 2 weeks… I’m so excited and I choose Priscilla as my baptis name.

  7. My daddy was a Baptist minister. He gave me the name Priscilla for my middle name. I hated it when I was little, because I had a hard time spelling it, now I absolutely adore it & I wish more than anything in the whole wide world that it was my first name!

  8. Isn’t it funny how our feelings about something can change? Our extended family has a history of giving their children multiple middle names, and then as the kids grow to adults they often choose one of their middle names as the name they introduce themselves as, so that it becomes the name they are called by. Use Priscilla as your first name if you want to!

  9. Wow ..surprissed!!!
    In my young ages I dnt like my name,but now,Its all happenning to me time goes by.I love doing what its told in the meaning of my name.
    Thank you my beloved parents who gave my name.mwaaa!

  10. I use to feel the name Priscilla simply means Old or ancient
    And I hate to tell people the meaning of my name but I love the way it sounds
    After reading these and understanding the meaning of my name
    I feel blessed
    I love my name Priscilla

  11. Wow I just changed upon this, your description perfectly describes my personality, I love my name

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