Name pronunciation: JAY-dun, JAH-DUN / YAH-dun
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning of name: Thankful (Strong’s Definitions); a judge; one judged by God (Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon); “God has heard”

The Story Behind This Biblical Christian Baby Name

There is one very brief mention of this name in the book of Nehemiah. A man named Jadon from a place called Merenoth helped to rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem was the holy city to the Jewish people, and this was a big deal, repairing the defenses and revitalizing this place central to the sacrificial system and holy celebrations of their religious beliefs and political identity as a nation.

Although Nehemiah gets a lot of the fame for this rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, there were many people who were a part of this grand and dangerous project. They faced much opposition, and the violence threatened against them was enough that half of them would stand guard with weapons at the ready while the other half did the building work. Even the construction workers kept a sword in their belts at all times, just in case.

Every person involved in this construction effort is a hero, including Jadon the Merenothite.

Scriptures for the Bible Stories of the Girl Name Jadon

Variations of the Baby Name Jadon

Girl names: Jadyn, Jaden
Boy names: Jadon, Jayden

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45 thoughts on “Jadon

  1. I love this name, I did some research and it also means “Yahweh(God) has heard” and it’s also pronounced “JAH-don”

  2. Thanks, j — very true. I’ll edit the entry to include the alternate pronunciation and meanings. The ancient languages nearly always have several shades of meaning, and it’s great to include more!

  3. We were married for fourteen years without child. We cried onto the Lord and HE heard us. The name Jadon was the best choice!!!! We thank God

  4. Because of complications during delivery, my 2nd son Jadon, was given only a 10% chance of survival. God definitely heard our prayers, and 5 days later he was discharged from the hospital fully recovered. This name was definitely fitting for him.

  5. My son, Jadon, was born on 12/12/05. God gave a visual image of the name to my husband when he was on his way to visit us in the hospital on the 3rd day. We agreed on the name after finding it in the bible. Jadon is my second son.We did not have a name for a boy but a girl (‘recycled’ from 1st birth). I knew it was going to be a boy but hv no idea what to name him. I am thankful for the name God has given.

  6. I love my name because it has God’s personal name, Jehovah, in it, not just “God” or “Lord” which are titles, not proper names. And it means something beautiful…that He listens to us 🙂 On top of that, i’m the only girl i know with the name 🙂

  7. I just came across these comments and I had been thinking that our 4 year old son Jadon was the only one with this very unusual but yet so beautiful name! My husband and I lost our first pregnancy and it was devastating and then “God heard” our prayers…and sent us our Jadon! God bless you all and God bless our wonderful sons, our answered prayers!

  8. Ndapewa 14 April 2012

    God has blessed me with my little Jadon on the 5th of April. Me and my 5 year old daughter, Josephine decided on this name before he was born and my 3 year old Jordan agreed with us. He is truely an angle send from heaven. I went through a lot during the pregnancy but we are serving a living GOD. Glory be to him.

  9. I knew it meant God has heard but every site I went on only showed thankful and judge. Thank you for letting me know I wasn’t crazy and confirming it means “God has heard”.

  10. My son, Jadon was born on 9th Oct. 2013 and named on 16th Oct. 2013. My wife and I needed a male child because our first born was a girl. His delivery was not easy and I fasted and ask God for safe delivery. God answered our prayers and we heard safe delivery after staying for 6 days in the Hospital.

    I came across the name “Jadon” when I was searching over internet for a befitting name for this special gift from God.The name Jadon,(thankful, grateful, Judge)concluded my search. We thank God for giving us Jadon and safe delivery.

  11. My son Jaden was born in 1999. I did not know the name was Hebrew or in the bible in 1999. But now I feel very blessed to see God’s precious hand in the naming of our son. And what a wonderful gift our son, Jaden is. He is strong, intelligent, bold, resilient and determined.
    Please indicate Jaden is also a boy’s name. Thank you!

  12. I came across the name Jadon in a book of Bible names while I was pregnant – once I came found the name, I stopped looking for other names as I knew that this was the right name for my son.
    My beautiful son Jadon turns 2 on 15/05/2014 and it is the only word I can think of to describe how THANKFUL I am to have the priviledge of being this amazing little boy’s mother.

  13. My daughter Jaden Aniah was born on 3/12/08. Her name means God heard and God answered. Our last name means warrior. I love her name. She lives God and truly fulfills “a little child shall lead them.” When she talks about God I hear him.

  14. I’m the only girl in my school named Jadon , and I always get it misspelled or misunderstood but I love the meaning of my special name.. It fits me and I’m so thankful to have it ((((((:

  15. I am going to name my son as John Jadon, I love this name is because He has been helpful to rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem.

  16. A beautiful name, Jebakumar! God’s blessings upon your son and your family. Looking forward to that day when there is peace in Jerusalem and all the world.

  17. My name is Waleed Khan “Jadoon”. I belong to Jadoon tribe of Pathans/Pashtuns. I am surprised to know that Jadoon/Jadon is a Hebrew name… but how come my ancestor had a hebrew name as being muslims???

  18. Names may be spelled the same (or almost the same) but not be related at all. It is sometimes surprising to find that a word in one language is something else in another language. It could be something like that.

    However, Hebrew and Muslim are not far from each other, historically. Abraham was the father of both groups — his son Ishmael is credited as the “son of promise” by Muslims (according to online sources) and his son Isaac is the “son of promise” according to the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible. With both groups (Israelites and Arabs) descending from the same tribal father, it’s possible that’s the connection of the name, too.

    Thanks for sharing, Waleed!

    Some references online related to Abraham and his sons:

  19. I ve been trying for a child for some years now nothing yet, searching for names and meaning for twin boys then I found the name jaden, which mean “jehova has heard” I knew dat was d name for one of my boys, then jadon “thankful”. Are they the same name? cos they have different meaning. Thanks.

  20. Now i understand de meaning of dz name ‘jadon’. It has been 3yrs I av being lukin 4 de meaning of dz name. Past 3yrs i wnt 2 creat 2go account on my phone n it happen dat i dnt no de name I wil use 4 my nickname, i cal my eld broda 2 help me wit a name n he told me I shuld use ‘jadon’ n i ask he of de meanin, he said dat he dnt no, but de name sound so cool 2 me, i den use de name as my nickname, since den any tin i say wit de name ‘jadon’ always happen both negativ n positiv tinz. I becam very cofus of myself so i decided 2 luk 4 de meanin of dz word ‘jadon’. Tnk u lord 4 ur clear view.

  21. Doctors have advised us to abort the baby after 14th week scan, as our son had a blockage in his urinary bladder. As there could be renal problems or a premature or a baby with pulmonary disorder. But we knew that our God is a prayer answering God who is beyond all medical reports. Today our Son turns 5 months who was born without a single deformity. He was perfect. Praise God. So that why we named him Jadon – Thankful and God has heard our prayers.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story, Vin! I’ve heard stories like that many times. It suggests to me that we don’t yet understand the mysteries of how our bodies form in the womb, and while scientists may see “problems”, they are often fixed by the time the baby is ready to be born. “Perfect” or not, a child is a little person and worthy of our protection and love. Thanks again for posting about your precious boy!

  23. My son Jadon is almost 11 now. My wife and I wanted a name that starts with the letter “J”. We prayed for God’s guidance on picking the name and it was revealed to us in our bible study of Nehemiah 3:7. My wife and I saw the name and immediately knew that was it. By His grace, I hope my son, too, will play his part in rebuilding God’s kingdom on earth, just as the original Jadon did in his time.

  24. My name is Jadyn and I was born on 4-11-92. I can see why my name is so fitting despite my mom not knowing what my name meant at the time. I was losing weight in the womb a couple of months before delivery so my mom was put on bed rest for the last few months to help me grow. When it came time for me to be born, the doctors noticed that the amniotic fluid was unusually low, this is known as oligohydramnios, so it would be a dry birth and they needed to induce labor. But while I was being born the doctors also noticed dark, solid fecal matter in the fluid, a lot of it. This was because I was under stress in the womb. I was declared a high-risk pregnancy for this reason. So as soon as my head breached, they closed off my nose so I couldn’t breathe and began to clear out my lungs. Once they cleared my lungs I was able to take my first breath. I was a healthy baby after that, but I still had many struggles growing up. Not physically speaking, but developmentally I was a bit slower than other children the same age as me. I didn’t get much help from people growing up but it is because of my Lord and God, Jesus Christ, that I have gotten as far as I have.
    People can fail us, but God never does and never will. So despite not knowing the meaning of my name for a long time, and being the only one with this name growing up, I have found that this name suits me and who I am.
    My parents didn’t have to know what my name meant for me to see God’s hand in my naming.
    I am a 23-year-old woman named Jadyn who has had a lot more struggles growing up than I probably should have. But God has heard me through it all and has helped give me the strength to overcome.
    For when I am weak, than He is strong.

  25. It is good to remember what God has done in your life. I’m always amazed at how names can end up fitting (and inspiring) a person so well. Thank you for sharing, Jadyn!

  26. After trying to years to have children. Being told we couldn’t have them, at least not naturally. And after prayers and months of fertility treatments – God heard our prayers and delivered our boy Jadon on 1/5/10. We are truly thankful.

  27. I bless God for the name Jadon which I and my dearly beloved sister’ besty’ n wife’ decided to name our seraphic son by the name Jadon even before his birth. 2014

  28. I bless God for the name Jadon which I and my dearly beloved sister’ besty’ n wife’ decided to name our seraphic son by the name Jadon even before his birth. 2014

  29. We thank God for the giving the gift, Jadon to me & my husband after 7 years of married life. When we were searching for a suitable name that starts with J, we found this in Bible and also the meaning was very apt as it means “Yahwah has answered”. Thank God for his love on us.

  30. Our little boy Jadon was born in 2007. We too had been through the hurt of 2 miscarriages and because of this wondered if we would ever be blessed with a child. At 25 weeks of pregnancy, I was put on strict bed rest and muscle relaxers to stop contractions. The Lord was with us. When Jadon was born 10 weeks later, the nurse was surprised that we lasted on bed rest that long, with other things going against us. My husband and I knew, this was a very special gift to us from God, when the doctor suggested no more pregnancies. Jadon is our miracle baby. Now 9 years old and almost as tall as me.

  31. I thank almighty God as i have come to know the meaning of Jadon today, i bear this name since 2016 when i first came lagos Nigeria as a Nike name, but i was answering it like that. The meaning of jadon in idoma language, anya, epo, owoicho le’po’e and oyale.

  32. Timely search results. At long last we found the best suited name for our newly born baby boy. We just love the meaning and sound of the name Jadon. Lord Jesus, thank you for revealing Jadon to us.

  33. The Lord gave me the best little brother I could ask for, and his name is Jadon. He has made my life worth living. I love the kid like he was my son. He is the realest perosn in my life and I love him in a way words cannot express. The Lord has heard me.

  34. Hi, its nice to see so many others with my name. I truly thought I was alone until 1996 when my family and I moved into a habitat house next door to a kid with my name, only spelled different. (Jedon) It was crazy at first, but we actually became fast friends regardless of the 4 year difference. All my teachers never even came close to saying it right but 1. Honestly,I was told the meaning of my name several times when I was younger, but never decided to look it up my self. As many times as I’ve read out of my bible, never came across it or thought to look for it. Thanks

  35. I thanks my God ‘to bring a gift on my hand’it is a memorable day’I was alone at home porketless’waiting for safe delivery in deep prayers’ I hear a voice of savior YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH SAFELY IM WITH YOU’Thankful I delivered a handsome boy JADEN 12nov2016’very genenious’intelligent’GOD HAS HEARD’

  36. Does jadon truly means judged by God also please reply me because love the name if it’s meaning is only God has heard and thankful to God

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