Pronunciation: MY-kuhl or mee-kah-el
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning of name: Who is like God?

The Story Behind This Biblical Christian Baby Name

The name Michael is referenced first and most in genealogical lists, starting with a man in the Israelite tribe of Asher. However, the most popular character with the name Michael is the angel described in the book of Daniel as a “prince” or “archangel”. He is also described as a leader of an angelic army in the book of Revelation.

Scriptures for the Bible Stories of the Boy Name Michael

The scriptural references to the archangel Michael are:

Variations of the boy name Michael

Male: Micha, Mike, Mick, Mickey
Female: Michaela, Michaella, Mikayla

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3 thoughts on “Michael

  1. My middle name is Michaelle. Said Like Michelle but named after my uncle Michael. I believe Archangel Michael was the first man on earth (Adam) and that is why he is called the Archangel. Also makes a lot of sense why Michael means: “who is Like God.”(without the question, as “scholars” think no one was believed to be like God) We believe we were made in God’s image. That is why Michael means “who is like God.” The first man is like God, in his body shape. We are his children. interesting how truths get a little twisted over time.

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